Monday, September 15, 2014 04:28:50 PM
Rule Changes
1. The faceoff following a penalty will be in the offending teams zone

2. The faceoff following a stoppage in play due to high sticking the puck will be in the offending teams zone

3. Shootout---if a shootout remains tied after 3 shooters, sudden death shootout till a winner

Nov and Dec Unavailable dates deadline: Oct 15th

1st Payment: Oct 1st $3500
---Any payments made via cheque PRIOR to Oct 1st can be made out to Credit Union Centre. Any Payments made on Oct 1st or later can be made to Sasktel Centre

Final Payment: Nov 15th $3350

Deadline to play 1 game to be eligible for playoffs: Dec 1st

CARHA Deadline (to delete players): Dec 25th

CARHA Deadline(to add players): TBA

Playoff Start Date: TBA